Project Sites

We are currently collecting data in Tanzania, and will continue the study in South Africa and Ghana shortly.  In Tanzania, we are conducting research in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza with the assistance of our partnering organization, Under the Same Sun (UTSS). Dar es Salaam is positioned in the Western region of the country on the Indian Ocean and is Tanzania’s largest city and former capital. While quite cosmopolitan at the city centre, there remains a rural feel once in neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city, is a thriving port city in the Northeast of the country on Lake Victoria that has managed to maintain a casual feel. Mwanza is also home to the largest tribe in Tanzania, the Sukuma. 

We have selected these sites in Tanzania, as this is where the work of UTSS is focused, and where there are high rates of albinism and threats to human rights. 


South Africa